Sunday, 8 February 2015

87th Academy Awards Oscars 2015 Schedule & Announcements

The 87th Academy Awards ceremony is going to take place on 22 February, 2015. The 87th Academy Awards are also globally known as The Oscars. It has been presented by AMPAS (Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences). This time the same ceremony is going to take place in Hollywood (Dolby Theatre), Los Angeles. All the pre -events before the D-day has already been decided by AMPAS. All is set to go like the various diners, get-together, nomination's official announcement and many more. In short the Oscars season will officially start from 5 February, 2015 and will end up on 23 February, 2015.

87th Academy Awards Oscars 2015 Best Actresses:

In addition the schedule for The 87th Academy Awards ceremony has already been finalized. All the performances are on the check list. Rehearsals are going on very fast. Celebrities who are taking part in the ceremony are full of enthusiasm. They are looking forward for the ceremony night. One thing we can say is that just like it's all past 86 Academy Awards ceremony, this award ceremony will be the best amongst all of the previous ceremonies. But the official announcement regarding the nominations were done on January 15, 2015  at the Samuel Goldwyn Theater located in Beverly Hills, California. The same were announced by  Cheryl Boone Isaacs who is president of the Academy. Director  J. J. Abrams and Alfonso CuarĂ³n both assisted him for the announcements. 87th Academy Awards Oscars 2015 Predictions

As you all are well aware there are number of categories in which there is only one winner amongst the chosen nominees. In all the categories the most awaited and loving categories (as a fan's view) are Best Film, Best Actor, Best Actress  and the Best Director. Entirely all the categories have at least 4 to 5 nominees in which the winner will only be the most deserving one. The winner will be choose only by the number of votes one will have. Before the The 87th Academy Awards ceremony, the viewers will be given a chance to vote for their favourite one before the ceremony day. Before one day the voting will be end and followed by the counting of the votes and on the next day it will be announced which means it will be a great fun to find out at last that who has actually won the title in a number of categories.

Complete List Of Nominees 87th Academy Awards Oscars 2015

Further moving on and talking about the ceremony time schedule, so there will be Nominees Luncheon on this coming Monday on 6th February in which so many varieties will be there in order to serve the guest the best meals. After few days of luncheon day, the official process of voting gets starts. 87th Academy Awards Oscars 2015 Nominees In between there will be a small event of Scientific and Technical Awards also which will held on 7th February, 2015. This final voting process will come to an end on Tuesday, February 17, 2015. And this final voting will be followed by the counting of the votes. And as you all know already that the result will be declared only and only at the grand day of The 87th Academy Awards Ceremony.


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